LED Display Screen

LWG Series High-Protection LED Grille Display

LWG Series High-Protection LED Grille Display

1. Ultra-Thin & Light Design;

2. Superior Heat Dissipation;

3. Bright & Sharp All the Time;

4. High Reliability;

5. Multi-Scenario Installation & Convenient Maintenance;

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Ultra-Thin & Light Design

Aluminum profile-made cabinet features 65mm thinness and 13kg/㎡ lightweight only to improve spatial utilization.

Superior Heat Dissipation

Up to 68% transparency brings excellent heat dissipation for long-time stable operation.

Bright & Sharp All the Time

7000cd/㎡ high brightness & 3840 high refresh rate brings colorful & smooth images in high clarity.

High Reliability

IP66 high protection with anti-falling rope and double-sided gluing craftsmanship well resists extreme weather.

Multi-Scenario Installation & Convenient Maintenance

Die-cast aluminum lock catch allows fast and high-precision splicing; Both front and rear serviceability apply in various scenarios well.

Model LWG25
Pixel Pitch(mm) 25
Transparency Rate 60%
Panel Size(mm) 500(W)×1000(H)x96(D)
Panel Resolution (Pixel) 20×40

  • HP(Hercules Perimeter) Series - Outdoor fixed led screen
    HP(Hercules Perimeter) Series - Outdoor fixed led screen

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    Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.