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What is LED Display? - The Fullest info about LED Display from Shenzhen Esdlumen

What is LED Display? - The Fullest info about LED Display from Shenzhen Esdlumen

  • January 18,2019.

What is LED Display? - The Fullest info about LED Display from Shenzhen Esdlumen


1. Definition of LED Display

2. Classification of LED Display

3. The parameter of LED Display

4. Installation of LED Display

5. FAQ of LED Display

6. Purchasing Tips of LED Display

7. The advantage of LED Display

8. Future Trend of LED Display

1. Definition of LED Display

The LED display/screen is a flat led panel/screen/cabinet, composed of little LED modules which display text, photos, movies, video signals Grayscale, and other info. LED, light-emitting Diode (brief for the light emitting diode).The LED display is a Horizontal panel display, composed of small LED modules that exhibit text, images, movie, picture signals Grayscale, along with other information.

Definitions of LED Display in different languages and countries

LED display, LED screen, LED Video Wall, LED wall Pantalla LED, painters de LED, Affichage LED, LED versioning, Ekran LED, LED ማሳያ, شاشة LED, LED էկրան, LED ekranı, LED partial, святлодыёдны дысплей, LED প্রদর্শন, LED Ekran, etc.

Also called: led video wall, led screen, led panel, led cabinet, led wall, led screen, led billboard, led sign, led advertising board, digital led wall, led video panels, video display, electric signs, led digital signage, digital display screen.

LED Display

2. Classification of LED Display

LED display screens are classified in an Assortment of ways and are usually categorized as follows: by the usage environment; by Color; by the control system; by function; by the application.

(1) Divided by the usage environment.

The indoor LED screen is used from the indoor environment. This sort of led screen has medium brightness, large viewing angle in both horizontal & vertical (140-160 degree normally), intimate color mixing space, lightweight(single panel less than 10kg) and higher density. Indoor led screen normally has IP20 waterproof level, no need glue on the module surface to prevent heavy weather. It's acceptable for closer viewing, applying into the meeting room, airport/subway, church, etc.

The outdoor led screen area is usually by a couple of m²s to tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of ²therefore, the point density is comparatively thin (greater than 2500-10000 Pixels per m²), the brightness of this lighting is 5500-8500cd/m² (different parameters, different brightness demands), at sunlight under direct shooting requirements, the viewing distance is a few tens of meters apart, outdoor led screen has IP65 waterproof level, it uses glue to prevent great wind, rain, and other heavy weather. It's acceptable for long distance viewing, applying into the outdoor music festival, live Olympic games, football games, highway billboard, etc.

The semi-outdoor led display is between the outdoor and indoor led display. It's a top luminous brightness and may be used outdoors under direct sunshine. The display has a particular seal, typically below the eaves or from the window. It applies to the wedding ceremony, marathon opening ceremony, etc.

LED Display

(2) Divided by Color

A monochrome display is able to display only a single color, often green, amber, red or white, and often also shades of that color.

The double main colour LED screen contains green and red LED lights. The 256-level grey dual-color screen can display 65,536 colors (two-color display can display red, green, and yellow colors).

The full-color LED screen is made up of red, blue and green(RGB) LED lights that show white balance along with 16,777,216 colours.

LED Display

(3) Divided by the control system

The synchronous system means the LED screen works essentially the same as the screen of the computer. It maps the personal image to the map onto the true screen with an update rate of 30 fields/s, typically with a multi-gradation color screen. Ability to attain multimedia advertisements effects.

The asynchronous system means the LED display has the power of storage and automated playback. The edited text and non-grayscale images on the PC are sent into the LED display via the serial interface or a different network interface, then mechanically played with the LED screen offline. Normally, there's absolutely no grey. The screen capacity is principally utilized to show text information and may be multi-screened.

LED Display

(4) Divided by function

Video wall: normally full-color screen, with vivid live video

Text display: normally monochrome screen, normally applied into bank gate info sign.

Graphic sign: generally dual-color screen, normally applied into billboard, highway advertising board, etc.

Quotation display: normally an electronic tube or monochrome screen; normally in the train station, supermarket, or stock exchange hall, etc.

LED Display

(5) Divided by application

Rental led video wall: using in rental events, mostly work with led lighting, like a music festival, concert, etc.

Fixed led video wall: using in indoor or outdoor construction buildings, like CBD, airport message sign, church worship, etc.

Fine pixel pitch led video wall: normally pixel pitch under P2.5, the smallest pixel pitch is P0.7. Esdlumen has developed VE P0.9 fine pixel pitch led video wall.

LED Display

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