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    Saree Series - Indoor Rental LED Display 1. The indoor led screen cabinet weight is only 7.4kg; 2. Die-casting aluminum frame; 3. Auxiliary installation structure, single-person installation; 4. Available to splice an curved screen; 5. Corner protector; 6. Easy maintenance.

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    Wing C1 - Indoor Rental LED Display 1. Light and thin; 2. Quick installation by a single person; 3. Wireless connection of modules, saving time and efforts; 4. Shaped splicing; 5. Supports hanging and stacking.

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    MPA Pro - Outdoor Fixed LED Display 1. Different Cabinet Size; 2. Total Front & Rear Maintenance; 3. High Refresh Rate & Mixed Splicing; 4. Ultra-light and Ultra-thin; 5. Multiple Installation Methods; 6. Stable and High Protection.

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    HELIOS - Outdoor Fixed LED Display 1. 16:9 Cabinet; 2. High brightness & high refresh rate; 3. Ultra-light & Ultra -thin; 4. Front & rear maintenance; 5. IP65 rating of protection; 6. Energy saving.

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    BIM Max - Indoor Fixed LED Display 1. Golden ratio 16:9; 2. Ultra-thin and ultra-light, efficient for maintenance and installation; 3. Fully wall-mounted; 4. Front maintenance; 5. Automatically imports data when it is replaced

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    BIM MIN - Flexible Curved Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display 1. Suitable for all Indoor Conditions; 2. Support Vertical Curved Installation; 3. Total Front Maintenance; 4. Supports Mixed Splice with BIM Plus; 5. Thickness: 42mm; Weight:23kg/㎡; 6. Multiple Cabinet Sizes.

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    CW Series - Light as Cicada's Swing 1. Light as cicada's wing, 6kg per cabinet (includes angle lock) 2. Extreme display effect 3. Module front and rear maintenance. Power box support quick installation 4. Single operator fast installation. Innovative handles save effort 5. Shaped splicing, can be spliced into curved surface / straight screen / circle screen 6. Integrated HUB card, data signal interference free, more stable

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    Blade Series-High-end Outdoor Rental LED Display 1. Total black LED with 5000 nits brightness 2. Module front & rear maintenance, power supply one-click maintenance 3. Single operator fast installation 4. Unique shape splicing 5. Patent structure, higher protection

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    Pilot Series - Indoor Rental LED Display 1. Light weight design, Quick installation; 2. Arc design, seamless splicing; 3. Patent structure, higher protection; 4. Convenient maintenance, independent operation.

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    KingKong -Indoor Fixed Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display 1. Seamless; 2. Golden Ratio 16:9; 3. Fine pitch led display Supports HDR with Low Brightness & High Gray Scale; 4. Full Front Maintenance; 5. Totally Wall-mounted; 6. Redundant Power and Signal.

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    BIM Pro-Indoor small pixel pitch LED Screen BIM Pro is a small pixel pitch led screen, which is specially designed for indoor fixed led display. Compared with other similar product, the BIM Pro is more light and slim. With the golden display ratio of 16:9, BIM Pro can provide you a better visual enjoyment. What's more, this product can also realize seamless splicing.

  • How to choose an outdoor LED screen
    How to choose an outdoor LED screen
    • August 30,2019.

    With the rapid progress and mature of outdoor LED display technology, the applications of outdoor LED screen are more and more popular. This kind of LED screen can be widely used in Media, Supermarket, Real estate, Road, Education, Hotel, School, etc...

  • What is Transparent LED Screen
    What is Transparent LED Screen
    • August 20,2019.

    Nowadays, with the fast development of technology, people’s demand for displays is also becoming more diverse. The traditional LED displays are no longer sufficient for some customers. Therefore, more and more creative screens appear in recent years....

  • What features should an outdoor LED screen have?
    What features should an outdoor LED screen have?
    • August 2,2019.

    Nowadays, we can see many LED screens in our daily life, both indoor and outdoor. Due to the different applications, so there are also some differences between these two kinds of LED screens. Especially for outdoor LED display, it often has stricter ...

  • The advantages and disadvantages of small-pitch LED screen and traditional LCD screen
    The advantages and disadvantages of small-pitch LED screen and traditional LCD screen
    • July 26,2019.

    In recent years, with the development of LED display technology, small-pitch LED began to appear on various industry media. Compared with traditional LCD screen, what kinds of advantages and disadvantages do small-pitch LED screen and traditional scr...

  • 8K May Become a New Trend of LED Industry
    8K May Become a New Trend of LED Industry
    • July 5,2019.

    As the led technology developing so quickly, more and more company began to research and develop new features to improve the experience of led screen. As we all know, the resolution is one of the essential factors that influent a person whether to bu...

  • The Analysis of LED display's Major Market
    The Analysis of LED display's Major Market
    • June 6,2019.

    With the led screen become more and more popular, the competition of this industry also increased continuously in recent years. To alive in this competitive market, the LED companies should transfer their attention to the new market of LED industry. ...

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