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New launches: four LED Display Products from Esdlumen

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/05/28

Recently, Eastar Marketing Department and R&D Department held a new launch meeting in the company’s showing room during which there are four new products released, including: P12.5 outdoor led display, P6 outdoor led display, P5.33 and P3 indoor led display. Some leaders and all the staff from Marketing Department and R&D department attended this new launch.

   In the meeting, Director of Marketing Department, Mr. Lei, on behalf of company’s management gave a speech in which he highly praised for the work and effort of R&D Department and then he pointed out that as one of the key departments, R&D Department is responsible for the technology innovation and product development. It has been proved that our R&D Department has been working fruitfully, bringing us new technology and products consistently which ensures the updates of our product and solid our leading position in the LED industry. The new launch is another evidence since we released 4 new products at one time which proved our first class R&D ability and efficiency.

   The 4 new products released are respectively our Future Series P12.5mm outdoor led display, Rock Series P5.33, Smart Series Outdoor P6 and Mini Series P3. In the launch, Mr. Luo, manager of R&D Department represented the 4 new products with details. According to the introduction, the 4 products not only make some remarkable technical breakthrough but also are more close to the needs of the market with outstandingly high cost performance.

   As for Future Series P12.5, it is a curtain product specially designed for large scale outdoor fixed installation application which is super light, fast to install and with high brightness. The refresh rate could reach 1500Hz, the brightness is up to 7000CD/M2 while it is extremely thing and light, only 30KG/M2.

   Targeted for outdoor rental and fixed installation application, Rock Series P5.33 is featured with thin and light cabinet, fast installation, seamless joint, excellent color consistency. It takes less than 1 minute to install one cabinet seamlessly with the light cabinet of 17KG, significantly improving the efficiency of installation for rental application.

   Aiming for outdoor advertising, stage, exhibition and fixed installation market, Smart Series Outdoor P6 is featured the same factors as Rock P5.33 with fast installation and seamless installation. But it is different in weight and depth which is only 13kg/cabinet with a depth of 80mm.

   As a new member of Mini Series, P3 is a highly applicable for indoor advertising, stage and fixed installation application. It is featured with an ultimate persuit of light weight and thin depth, 9KG/cabinet with a depth of 73mm, significantly saving the transportation cost and labor work. P3 is also remarkable in installation part. Thanks to its hanging lock system with protection structure, up to 50 cabinets could be hung vertically, easy to form a super large indoor LED display. Besides, the fast lock with positioning function makes it possible to install one cabinet in 10 seconds. All of these factors names the Mini Series P3 the first choice for indoor rental application.

  4 new products released at one time clearly represents the profound R&D ability of Eastar and we are convinced that with our consistent effort, Eastar will bring more surprise to our customers all over the world.