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2015 Guangzhou The Exhibition Of “Intelligent Signs & LED

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/04/29

The beginning of March is a traditional period for the LED sign and technology Exhibition in Guangzhou (South China). It’s interesting to mention that just a few years ago the floor space was almost completely devoted to neon advertising technology, while the LED section was relatively small.

Since then everything has changed. Neon is dying out. Companies still working in the neon advertising area are represented scantily. The exhibition has changed its name removing all mention of neon. It is now proudly promoting “Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition”.LED screens are sparkling and shining in myriads of colors. This is the 11th Exhibition in Guangzhou and the year 2015 came with some unwelcome surprises.

First, the number of exhibitors has significantly decreased, and foreign visitors are not as numerous as before. In general, the analysts estimate a 40% drop in attendance (from the level of 2014 when the Exhibition attracted 80 thousand visitors). In fact, some Chinese exhibitors started pulling out of the exhibition right before it started. Those who bravely stayed, are complaining that there are few visitors, buyers and potential importers.

Apparently this changed the attitude of exhibitors to clients. The remaining participants are rather aggressive in their attempts to attract people to their stand, sometimes even grabbing hands and pulling you towards their show place. Whatever the case, the 2015 Exhibition makes a pleasant impression. People come here to view the LED screens, and there are plenty of those around.

Consider the surprising Chinese tradition: everywhere you see richly decorated stands of companies that nobody ever heard about. At every such stand you receive a thick well-printed booklet with details of hundreds of installations, numerous models that have been in production “for years”. But the seasoned travelers wonder: where were you hiding last year?

At the same time there are plenty of companies who have been attending Guangzhou exhibition for years, trying to establish market leader reputation and brand recognition. Some of them are quite well-known: Liantronics,Absen, Ledman, Unilumin. They are all trying to show off portfolios of their foreign and domestic orders though domestic still prevail.

To sum up, attending exhibitions in China is interesting and mind-blowing. There are many new things to see that in a short while will enter the global market and change it. The LED industry is developing fast.