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Eastar's CEO Duan Wujie Attends To The Forum Of GACC 2015

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/10/19

On October 16, 2015, YuGuangzhou, The Party Secretary & Director-General of General Customs Administration paid a visit to Shenzhen, having a conference with relative departments and some business representatives of Shenzhen. Eastar’s GM-DuanWujie who represented Shenzhen LED display industry, attended the forum.

In the forum, Director Yu affirmed the innovation & development and achievements of enterprises in Shenzhen, and delivered the gratitude to the support of customs work. Director Yu pointed out that we, when under the current economic situation of a large downward pressure, should strengthen our confidence, overcome difficulties, use tangible measures to promote steady growth of international trading and strive to complete the objectives of the year. Hope all enterprises to actively offer advice and suggestions to promote a new round of customs reforms, promoting better and faster development of international trading.

In the meeting, Mr.Duan was also invited to deliver a speech. First of all, Mr.Duan expressed the esteem to Director Yu for his attending and adopting grassroots opinions and the measures to deepen reform and promote the customs clearance that he has made. Mr.Duan also delivered gratitude to Shenzhen Customs for transforming the government functions, enhancing service, helping LED display enterprises to improving management, the supporting and policy to promote developing of enterprises. Secondly, Mr. Duan also introduced the developments and international trading of Eastar, and proposed comments and suggestions for how to support development of enterprises, to make enterprises go further and to expand the foreign trading etc.

Director Yu expressed full affirmation to Mr. Duan’s speech. He pointed out that new innovative companies like Eastar continuously emerge, achieving good records and adding new momentum for the development of Shenzhen economy. We should conscientiously sum up good experiences and practices to supply reference for the international trading development of other places in China.

In the meeting, Shenzhen Municipal Party Secretary MaXingrui expressed gratitude to General Customs Administration for their supports on Shenzhen international trading, and promised will strengthen the infrastructure construction of traffic and subway and other public facilities to improve service, reduce the business cost for enterprises, to create a better environment for enterprises’ development. Meanwhile, we should encourage and lead enterprice to "step outside", do everything to promote the foreign trade development.