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EASTAR Dazzle P3.91 led display is on hot sale

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/05/14

Thrashing news for LED display buyers, Eastar best-selling Dazzle series P3.91 LED video dsplay is on sale, get it at price with more than 50% discount off. Reserve it before May 31st, it is yours at even lower price.

Hot sale is going on with hot season approaching, Eastar is about to set the market on fire. To reward the clients supporting us all the way through, Eastar plan this promotion on Dazzle indoor P3.91 LED display, reserve this high-definition, steady-quality, easy-to-assemble LED displays before May 31st , you can get the best products for rental staging application Dazzle P3.91 at even lower price than the 50% discount off. And memo for you, the quantity is limited, please take the initiative in fighting for the reservation.

Eastar Dazzle series is the leading design in the LED display especially for rental application like stage, exhibition, and fixed installation applications with the features of ultra-thin, ultra-light,fast assembly, high conformity, excellent color consistency; Three steps for assembling, push, turn and tight, only 10 seconds and done; And there are removable location pins between cabinets, you can pull out a single LED display cabinet from the whole screen. Dazzle series is highly spoken of by our clients ever since it enters the market.

This promotion is for the clients all over the world, please email to for more details.