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  • BIM Plus-X, led screen, indoor led screen

    BIM Plus-X-Indoor Fixed LED Screen Considerate Details Various Installation in High Efficiency Mixed Splicing, High Practicality Creative Splicing, Beyond Imagination Friendly Front Maintenance Advanced Technologies, Outstanding Performance

  • Outdoor SMD LED Display

    FS Series- Outdoor SMD LED Display 1. Excellent Display Effect, True-to-Life Presentation; 2. Multiple Protections, Super High Stability; 3. Dual Cooling Channels, Longer Working Hours; 4. Wider Viewing Angle, More Eyeballs Covered; 5. Convenient Serviceability, Greater Flexibility; 6. Patented Technology, Revolutionary Creativity;

  • Upgraded High-Protection Fine-Pitch LED Display

    VAⅡ Series Upgraded High-Protection Fine-Pitch LED Display 1. High-Definition Splicing; 2.All-Around Protection; 3. Aesthetics & Scientifility into One; 4.Hassle-Free Installation & Maintenance; 5. Intelligent Monitoring & Calibration; 6. More Stable Performance;

  • outdoor fixed led display

    MPA Pro - Outdoor Fixed LED Display 1. Different Cabinet Size; 2. Total Front & Rear Maintenance; 3. High Refresh Rate & Mixed Splicing; 4. Ultra-light and Ultra-thin; 5. Multiple Installation Methods; 6. Stable and High Protection.

  • led display, led screen

    CW Series - Light as Cicada-s Swing 1. Light as cicada's wing, 6kg per cabinet (includes angle lock) 2. Extreme display effect 3. Module front and rear maintenance. Power box support quick installation 4. Single operator fast installation. Innovative handles save effort 5. Shaped splicing, can be spliced into curved surface / straight screen / circle screen 6. Integrated HUB card, data signal interference free, more stable

  • Outdoor Rental LED Display

    Blade Series-High-end Outdoor Rental LED Display 1. Easier & Faster Installation 2. Maintenance with Ease 3. Patented Protection 4. Creative Splicing 5. Suit for Both Outdoors & Indoors 6. One-Stop Solution

  • indoor led display, rental led display

    Pilot Series - Indoor Rental LED Display 1. Lightweight design for quicker installation 2. High-precision arc locks for seamless creative splicing 3. Patented corner protectors for higher protection 4. User-friendly rapid maintenance 5. Universal modules and mixed splicing for saving costs

  • BIM Pro, led screen, indoor led screen, indoor small pixel pitch led screen

    BIM Pro-Indoor small pixel pitch LED Screen BIM Pro is a small pixel pitch led screen, which is specially designed for indoor fixed led display. Compared with other similar product, the BIM Pro is more light and slim. With the golden display ratio of 16:9, BIM Pro can provide you a better visual enjoyment. What's more, this product can also realize seamless splicing.

  • led screen

    Hercules-Outdoor Fixed LED Display Outdoor LED display has always occupied the dominant position of fixed LED display. Eastar traditional OA products have some shortcomings in brightness, heat dissipation, maintenance and power consumption. In order to improve these deficiencies, Hercules came into being. Hercules video wall screen has high brightness, low power consumption, good heat dissipation, good waterproof effect, simple appearance, light and thin cabinet, diversified size, etc.

  • Esdlumen Is Ready for InfoComm 2022, and You?
    Esdlumen Is Ready for InfoComm 2022, and You?
    • May 25,2022.

    Part 2: Liantronics Preparation for InfoComm After two years of postponement due to the pandemic, Esdlumen will return to InfoComm 2022. Following complete show preparation, Liantronics team will present attendees with an exclusive landscape of trend...

  • What's New for ISE 2022? Come and Join Our Booth!
    What's New for ISE 2022? Come and Join Our Booth!
    • May 11,2022.

    Liantronics & Esdlumen attended the show this year with its newly released cutting-edge COB LED technology and advanced display solutions. Liantronics & Esdlumen team is thrilled to provide breathtaking visuals to our customers, par...

  • What is COB LED Technology?
    What is COB LED Technology?
    • May 7,2022.

    By breaking through limitation of chips array to achieve pixel pitch below PH0.Xmm, COB technology has been one of the most cutting-edge LED technologies in the LED industry. And it is accelerating the breakthrough process to reach the future of LED ...

  • How to Protect Your LED Display from Humidity?
    How to Protect Your LED Display from Humidity?
    • April 22,2022.

    Problems can get solved with Nano-coating Craftsmanship, one of Esdlumen cutting-edge and pioneering technologies. But how exactly does it work? In a vacuum plasma environment, advanced nanopolymer materials gather to form a dense and protective...

  • After 8 Years Shenzhen Fortune Building Was Renovated with Esdlumen 800sqm LED Video Wall Again
    After 8 Years Shenzhen Fortune Building Was Renovated with Esdlumen 800sqm LED Video Wall Again
    • 2022-04-11

    Recently, Shenzhen Fortune Building completes its renovation with nearly 800㎡ high-brightness outdoor LED video wall. As located in the core area of Shenzhen's Futian CBD District, the digital video wall of the Building was born in 2014 with great co...

  • “3D” Astronaut Flies out Esdlumen LED Wall in Chongqing Wanzhou Wanda Plaza
    “3D” Astronaut Flies out Esdlumen LED Wall in Chongqing Wanzhou Wanda Plaza
    • 2022-03-17

    Recently, a nearly 1000㎡ glasses-free 3D led screen assembled by Esdlumen flagship product FS Series LED display was settled in Chongqing Wanzhou Wanda Plaza. This Esdlumen-made LED video wall with unbelievable naked-eye 3D spaceflight display effect...

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