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  • Indoor Fixed LED Display

    BIM Plus-Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display Eastar BIM Plus is specially designed for fixed LED display applications. With the features of high refresh rate, ultra narrow pixel pitch and high brightness, it can effectively provide you a better visual enjoyment. In addition, the slim cabinet makes it a fashion design. Some other functions, such as special shape splicing and automatic correction, can also give you a better using experience. This BIM Plus LED Screen can be widely used in shopping mall, subway, cinema, meeting room, airport etc.

  • led screen

    Hercules-Outdoor Fixed LED Display Outdoor LED display has always occupied the dominant position of fixed LED display. Eastar traditional OA products have some shortcomings in brightness, heat dissipation, maintenance and power consumption. In order to improve these deficiencies, Hercules came into being. Hercules has high brightness, low power consumption, good heat dissipation, good waterproof effect, simple appearance, light and thin cabinet, diversified size, etc.

  • Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

    EHP Series-Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall As indoor narrow pixel pitch led video wall is a trend in the led market, Esdlumen R&D team developed our EHP series led products, which focus on indoor front maintenance led video wall market. EHP supports 3840 high refresh rate, SMD1010 led types, supports from P2.6 to P1.2, if you have high image demand on the control room, hotel, airport etc, EHP is your best choice.

  • Rental LED Display

    Indoor Wing Plus-Rental LED Display Esdlumen Wing Plus is a updated led panel from wing series, which is the king product in rental events business, hundreds of projects have been finished in 2018 by our Wing Plus, from musical festival to wedding ceremony, from new products luanch to car show, Wing Plus has been tested in corners of the Planet, BTW it has sold more than $15 million in 2018.

  • Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

    E Series-Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall Esdlumen Era series products is a high end indoor rental products, the latest GOB technology has been applied into it, it support 3840 high refresh rate and 800 brightness, which has a brilliant display effect in the conference room, control room, flexible shape is accepted, and with low electricity 144W/㎡ per hour, which will save your cost a lot.

  • Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

    VE Series-Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall 1. Using 4 in 1 Mini LED, highly integrated, anti-collision, anti-moisture, anti-collision. 2. 16:9 golden ratio for cabinet, easily splice for 1080P & 4K big screen. 3. Supporting tiny gap adjustment & seamless splicing. 4. Cabinet has 6.5kg, 60mm thickness, support 100% front maintenance, easily maintain. 5. Electric circuit use HCC Technology(High-Powered Common Cathode), high brightness with low electronic consumption.

  • Indoor Rental LED Display

    Indoor Dazzle III-Rental LED Display Esdlumen Dazzle III is a LED video wall which has the capabilities to be a flat screen, or to curve at 5° in either a concave or convex formation; making creative options with this screen endless. You can make many flexible creative shapes in rental events like model show, muscial festival, etc. With a 2.6mm pixel pitch, the latest Dazzle III has HCC technology, which is perfect high resolution solution for all events.

  • stage led screen

    Shine Plus-Outdoor Rental LED Display Esdlumen Shine Plus- 1st Outdoor Rental LED Video Wall with Blinds Design in the World! Shine Plus is very light & slim compare to old rental display, it's only 10.5kg weight while old one is 30kg weight; it's only 93mm thick while old one is 160mm, which can save more than 50% of human labor and shipping cost, you can do the math.

  • What is Mini LED and Small-pitch LED
    What is Mini LED and Small-pitch LED
    • May 24,2019.

    With the development of LED screen, many new concepts appear to our life. Recently, many customers came to our official site and asked me what is Mini LED and small pitch LED? For most of you, you must see many essays introduce the difference between...

  • Mini LED backlight display is the opportunity for the panel industry
    Mini LED backlight display is the opportunity for the panel industry
    • May 17,2019.

    According to the latest report of 《2019 Mini LED and HDR High-end Display Market Report》 by LED Inside. After 3 years of development, the Mini LED backlight technology will directly compete with OLED in the field of display in 2019. By report, becaus...

  • The trends of LED display in 2019
    The trends of LED display in 2019
    • May 10,2019.

    The first half of 2019 is about to pass. During the first half of 2019, several industry exhibitions have passed. From the products that many companies displayed in these shows, we can also find some trends about how the LED screen industry will deve...

  • Eastar's Holiday Arrangement of the International Labour Day
    Eastar's Holiday Arrangement of the International Labour Day
    • April 30,2019.

    Dear Clients; The International Labour Day is coming, all the workers of our Shenzhen factory & office will be on holiday from May 1st,2019 to May 4th. If you want to purchase our products or have any other problems, you can send email to sale@es...

  • The Basic Knowledge of LED Screen
    The Basic Knowledge of LED Screen
    • April 30,2019.

    As is known to all, the led screen has become more and more popular nowadays. In some developed cities, we can almost see LED screen everywhere which can be used in a shopping mall, outdoor advertising board, metro station, broadcasting, conference r...

  • Eastar Will Attend the InfoComm 2019
    Eastar Will Attend the InfoComm 2019
    • April 24,2019.

    About InfoComm Established in 1939, InfoComm is the largest and most exciting event in North America focused on the pro-AV industry. In 2019, this famous show will hold in ORLANDO, FL on June 12-14, 2019. We believe that this exhibition will still ma...

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