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Blow the Horn for Fighting of 2018 Splendid Moment of the Fourth Season Award of Esdlumen Marketing Center

Source: 本站      Published: 2018/01/25

On 17th Jan. 2018, Esdlumen marketing center the fourth season award was hold as expected at third floor display room. As the Chinese New Year approaching, the hall was full of Esdlumen people’s hot passion. Let us pass the happiness to every staff.

Struggle- Gain-Glory

This award ceremony is aimed to reward the top sales whom get the honor of sales champion, second place, second runner-up and excellent sales teams. Also it award the prizes of transaction resulted from marketing propaganda, rookie in new deals, making the biggest progress in the fourth season and developing new customer.  

Pictures of award

Sales, always is the core index of measuring sales results!

The prize team and sale-elites walked on the red carpet to the stage surrounded by applause, to receive the honors and prizes. The unremitting effort of every sale elites is the dynamical source to make Esdlumen become stronger and stronger.

This is not only an encouragement to the top sales, but also to every salesman, encouraging them to fight for a better future.


It’s not easy to succeed, in order to conclude business transaction, countless phone calling, e-mail and long journey visiting are required. It also needs to go through the calmness of thinking and sticking to the end when there is no order. The award-winning top sales shared experience with each other at the scene, for solving troubles and winning Orders.

Q&A Pictures

Sale is not only a kind of career, but also psychological war. It is the interaction and game of the heart between the salesman and the customer. If a salesman wants to increase his sales volume, it must be the winner of the psychological war.

Interaction - Lottery - Care

The Fourth Season Award of Esdlumen Marketing Center inherited the tradition of previous ceremonies, which setup the opening game and three WeChat interactive lotteries, bringing the atmosphere to the climax again and again. 2 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 9 third prizes were picked out at the scene, with shopping cards, imported shampoos and WangWang gift bags as awards respectively.

Pictures of lottery

Torry Tang is the member of AOU group, whose impromptu singing makes all cheers. More details are presented in the following pictures.

Summary - Encouragement - Endeavor

The awards of ceremony approaching its end amidst the applauses, Mr. Su, the deputy general manager of marketing center made a speech. He affirmed the remarkable achievements made by every sales areas and expressed his gratitude and hope to the sales elites. The development of an enterprise cannot be achieved without the hard-working and sorrow-shared sales elites, all of you here are the pride and wealth of Esdlumen!

Talent is the core competitiveness of Esdlumen, sustained and strong team is the foundation of future development of Esdlumen!

After award presentation ceremony, Mr. Yang, from R&D center, held a training of product knowledge of fine pitch- VE series!Fine pitch led display is the main markets of Esdlumen next year, VE series is the strongest weapon to help Esdlumen to occupy the led screen market. Everybody listened carefully to the clear explanation of Mr. Yang on the platform, and had the active discussion in Q&A session when we have some confusion. All the people swam in the sea of knowledge all of a sudden at that time.

Producing rental LED screen, ESDLUMEN is the most serious one!

Researching and developing high-end fine pitch screen, ESDLUMEN is the most professional one! This award presentation ceremony not only bringing limitless positive energy to all salesmen but also indicating the new direction in 2018, the bugle for the new target of 2018 is sounded!