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  • Indoor Curved Rental LED Display

    E-Swan Series -Indoor Curved Rental LED Display Ultra-slim & Light Angle adjustment, Flexible Panels Curved Splicing, Versatile Styles Quick Installation, Easy Maintenance Exceptional visual effects Mixed Splicing, More Possibilities

  • High-end Rental LED Display

    E-Sapphire Series - High-end Rental LED Display Lightweight & Strong All-inclusive Solution Fast Installation with Considerate Details Maintenance with Ease Curved Splicing for Stunning Shapes Excellent Heat Dissipation

  • Indoor and Outdoor Rental LED Display

    Dazzle Ⅳ Series -Indoor and Outdoor Rental LED Display Indoor & Outdoor Applications; Universal Modules & Power Boxes; Fast Installation; Easy Maintenance; Creative Splicing; Flexible Splicing

  • W-shape indoor glasses-free 3d led display

    Innovative “The WOW” 3D Solution LianTronics “The WOW” 3D Solution can be well applied in product launches, museums, art exhibitions, education centers, etc. 7-sided seamless LED display with a unique “W” shape delivers you wondrous naked-eye 3D effect while reaching sensory comfort.

  • outdoor led advertising board

    HerculesII-Outdoor Fixed LED Display 10000nits Long-Lasting High Brightness 40% Energy Saving High Energy Efficiency All-Weather Stability Exceptional Picture Quality Thinner, Lighter & More Cost-Saving Install & Maintain with Higher Flexibility

  • High-End Fine-Pitch Rental LED Display

    Pilot Pro Series - High-End Fine-Pitch Rental LED Display 1.Handy & Easy Installation Ever; 2.Maintenance with Ease; 3.Ultra-High Potection; 4.Shape Your LED Wall As You Want; 5.Elaborate Module Design; 6.Double Backup, Higher Integrated Stability; 7.Excellent Display Performance for xR Application.

  • shopping mall led display

    BIM Plus-X-Indoor Fixed LED Screen Considerate Details for Fast Installation Wireless Connection(Optional) Multiple Sizes, Flexible Installation 90°Rotation, Staggered Splicing Creative Splicing, Versatile Choices Mixed Splicing, High Practicality

  • High-Protection Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall

    VT Series-Full-Flip-Chip-on-Board (COB) LED Display 1.A Vision to the Future 2.Unprecedented Broad Views 3.Reinforced All-Around Protection 4.Exceptional Stability 5.Excellent Heat Dissipation,  Excellent User Experience 6.Quadruple Energy-Saving Technology

  • Outdoor SMD LED Display

    FS Series- Outdoor SMD LED Display 1. Excellent Display Effect, True-to-Life Presentation; 2. Multiple Protections, Super High Stability; 3. Dual Cooling Channels, Longer Working Hours; 4. Wider Viewing Angle, More Eyeballs Covered; 5. Convenient Serviceability, Greater Flexibility; 6. Patented Technology, Revolutionary Creativity;

  • Upgraded High-Protection Fine-Pitch LED Display

    VAⅡ Series Upgraded High-Protection Fine-Pitch LED Display 1. High-Definition Splicing; 2.All-Around Protection; 3. Aesthetics & Scientifility into One; 4.Hassle-Free Installation & Maintenance; 5. Intelligent Monitoring & Calibration; 6. More Stable Performance;

  • outdoor fixed led display

    MPA Pro - Outdoor Fixed LED Display 1. Different Cabinet Size; 2. Total Front & Rear Maintenance; 3. High Refresh Rate & Mixed Splicing; 4. Ultra-light and Ultra-thin; 5. Multiple Installation Methods; 6. Stable and High Protection.

  • led display, led screen

    CW Series - Light as Cicada-s Swing 1. Light as cicada's wing, 6kg per cabinet (includes angle lock) 2. Extreme display effect 3. Module front and rear maintenance. Power box support quick installation 4. Single operator fast installation. Innovative handles save effort 5. Shaped splicing, can be spliced into curved surface / straight screen / circle screen 6. Integrated HUB card, data signal interference free, more stable

  • The Q1 market situation of the LED screen industry
    The Q1 market situation of the LED screen industry
    • June 16,2020.

    As we all know, as a non-essential, the LED screen market was deeply affected by the epidemic; the whole industry shows an obvious decrease in trends during this time. Most of the LED screen companies get information through their own experience or m...

  • Can LED screen instead of projection in the movie theater?
    Can LED screen instead of projection in the movie theater?
    • June 5,2020.

    As the LED screen become more and more popular, it can be used for almost all fields, even in the movie theater. But as we all know, the traditional LED screen has its limits on resolution; we often need to watch the screen from a long distance to ge...

  • What are the advantages of front maintenance of LED display
    What are the advantages of front maintenance of LED display
    • May 29,2020.

    When choosing the LED screen, we often listen to two words of "Front Maintenance" and "Rear Maintenance". What are the differences between these two maintenance methods? May this article can let you know more about it. Rear maintenance always used fo...

  • How to maintain the LED screen during the heavy rain
    How to maintain the LED screen during the heavy rain
    • May 20,2020.

    Every year in May is the Rainy season in South China. At the beginning of this week, the meteorological bureaus of South China had released the warning of thunderstorms and gale to remind all units to do flood prevention work in advance. Then how can...

  • What opportunities are worth expecting for LED screen industry in 2020
    What opportunities are worth expecting for LED screen industry in 2020
    • May 15,2020.

    Nowadays, for many LED screen company, the new business opportunities and methods are very important under the difficult situations of constantly changing economic and business situation, and elusive future trends in 2020. So what are the new opportu...

  • How to disinfect the LED screen
    How to disinfect the LED screen
    • April 9,2020.

    As the epidemic continually spread, the coronavirus had outbroken all over the world. During this special period of coronavirus, the disinfection in the public occasion becomes very important. As one of the mainstream display products, the LED screen...

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