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EASTAR Monthly Award Ceremony For The Excellent Salesman

Source: Eastar      Published: 2016/07/04

In order to reward the outstanding sales colleagues and encouraging sales morale, create a positive work environment. an amazing awards ceremony was held at EASTAR’s showroom On July 4, 2016.

In EASTAR, Everyone knows that there is an amazing award ceremony to reward the excellent performance sales man and sales team every month. Do you want to know whst is the rewards? Everyone will have a different rewards, Of course, excepting the corresponding bonus, the winner will also get a unique certificate of merit.

The type of awards are as below: The top sales and the second winner and the third winner awards. The excellent sales team awards. The young pioneer sales awards.

After the awards, all the sales team have shared their experience in the sales and the Summary, and the nest sales targets, they haved learned a lot through such activities.

In EASTAR, There is such a belief in our heart, there is a work, and there is a harvest, As long as we have a dreams , have a goals, we will get a progress every day, we can also stand on the glorious stage one day!

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