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Eastar three new led display product launch

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/08/06

Nowadays, Spar series( P10/10-12.5/12.5),CM series(p10),and Mini series(1.9,2.5) from Eastar were launched under full audience in their show room.

Among them, Spar series led display is not only for outdoor small pitch stage rental but fixed installation whatever small size or bigger size than 500 sqm. More sell point than you expected. For instance, the first, IP of module is 66; Popular magnetic front service instead of using screwdriver to keep maintenance from backside, what is more, it will cost your only 20 -30 seconds to remove and fix one module, and one cabinet to connect need 1 minute if one person by concealed quick lock between the cabinets horizontally.

The design of CM p10 led display was upgraded this time to support hanging, fixing, ceiling in the different indoor situation (stage rental, show rental, curtain and fixed installation).Its feature are superb light (12.5Kg per 750*750mm cabinet) and thin (only 60mm), light-weight, fast lock with seamless connection to keep color consistency. Comparing this with “I” series, this item’s design is more reasonable according to our client’s feedback. A lot of holes in the PCB board and cabinets is very useful to reject heat.

New Mini series (P1.9,P2.5) led display from small pitch family used in indoor fixed and rental environment after high technology big break though.   High refresh rate and high gray scale to ensure very smooth image and video. In addition,  only 6KG/panel with a thickness of 93 mm to reduce directly the labor cost and intensity. Moreover, any cabinet was installed need only 10 seconds, horizontal or vertical 50pcs cabinet of one big led screen is the limit for the hanging bar in the cabinet. You will enjoy them.

Three new products listed at the same time to expand our product quantity so that let more and more choices to our customer around the world. We-Eastar is showing the beauty of the world with Hi-Tech.