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Eastar S-TV Serial Made High-profile Appearance in iMETRO Exhibition 2016

Source: Eastar      Published: 2016/08/29

The 5th China Guangzhou International Rail Transit Industrial Exhibition 2016 (iMETRO 2016) was held in Guangzhou, China Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Fair from August 26th to 28th.

It drew well-known suppliers for whole industrial chain on rail transit from countries and regions including CRRC, CREC, CRSC, CSSC, MHI, Samsung, Mobil, Shell, Huawei and other famous companies.

It is worth noticing that we Eastar which company seems less related with rail transit industrial was also invited to attend this exhibition. Why the exhibition organizers supplied free booth to invite Eastar? When all these well-known and powerful companies from whole industrial chain on rail transit met there, how it made collision sparks?

It is known that iMETRO is the sole professional exhibition on rail transit hosted by the government and metro corporation in China. In its five-year course of development, it shows increasingly sparking performance and outstanding achievement that sticks out in the Asian market and wins accolade worldwide. From now on, it has grown to a complex of industrial advancement for parties related with rail transit both home and abroad to come over for exchange and negotiation.

Eastar made high-profile appearance in this exhibition, showing “MINI serial” led small pixel pitch screen and the latest launch product “ S-TV serial”small pixel pitch TV. As a kind of small pixel pitch display product with super mature performance, most of user must be familiar with MINI Serial. Since it launched in market, MINI serial has attacked to the home and abroad by its super nice display quality, and it has been applied to different fields of Command and control, security monitoring and radio and television studio. It gets user’s deep appreciation for its color conformity, seamless splicing, fast installation and easy maintenance.

In this Exhibition, the most attractive product is the small pixel pitch super TV “S-TV serial” which is newly developed by Eastar. S-TV serial is the kind of small pixel pitch display which is developed for indoor super high deification, which with 16: 9 golden ratio, easily realize 2K \ 4K \ 8K ultra high definition display; Dual backup, dual power supply, dual system design, support 7X24H work; Intelligent adjustable brightness, high grey scale and high brush available in low brightness; Super light and thin, super efficient and energy saving; The small pixel pitch super TV which represent future technology trends of LED display attracted all eyes in these three days.

With the development of LED small pixel pitch technology, small pixel pitch display products occupied the indoor display market rapidly in recent years. In this trends "small pixel pitch run into indoor ," Eastar small pixel pitch products with excellence in quality become the banner of LED display replacing DLP, LCD large-screen splicing and projectors splicing and other traditional indoor display products.

While the clients attended this Rail Transit Exhibition are in urgent need of more cutting edge and more advanced larger-screen display product for its own traffic control, remote monitoring,conference presentations. As a leading enterprise in product research and development of the small pixel pitch products, Eastar small pixel pitch products will undoubtedly "seamless connect” to rail transportation enterprises, which is the reason why the organizers invited Eastar to attend this exhibition.