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Esdlumen and Infinitus join hands to start 2017 Bali tour of excitement!

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/05/02

【Introduction】Infinitus (Chinese) Co. Ltd., (abbreviated as "infinitus (Chinese)"), belonging to LKK Health Products Group Ltd. Found in 1992,Infinitus is an large-scale Hong Kong-invested enterprise, whose administration headquarters is in Guangzhou, engaging in research and development as well as sales and service of Chinese herbal medicine healthy products. Up to December 31th,2016,36 branch companies and 30 service centers and 6,400exclusive shops have been established in mainland China. Infinitus owned two production bases: Xin Hui in Guang Dong and YingKou in LiaoNing. Cumulative investment of Production base in XinHui is more than 3 billion(about 462 million dollars),covering an area of 200 thousand square meters; production base in YingKou was invested 1.5 billion at first stage, covering the area about 350 thousand square meters according to initial plan.

It is said that wonderful things will always happen in travailing or studying. Either learning, or traveling,one of the them must be on the road, studying on the trip and growing up in learning!

On April 2017,Infinitus company 2017 overseas training tour and dinner are held in Bali island Westin hotel conference center.On the spot, the scene display adopted Esdlumen Dazzle Plus3.91 LED Display, with one main screen,two sub displays and modified Screens, extremely fit for the decoration of five-star hotel,showing the harmonious atmosphere and marvelous taste.

(Training Site)

(At the dinner party)

With the exciting song and flying paper airplanes symboling dream,the wonderful dinner ended.Esdlumen witnessed the satisfactory moment of Infinitus 2017 overseas encouraging tour!

Dazzle series LED Display is the featured LED stage rental products of Esdlumen.with its excellent performance and high-quality price, Dazzle series products has swept the world since its introduction in recent years.Dazzle series’s power boxes adopt clip-on fixed design.With only one card, one button,installation or disassembly of a power box can be completed only in one second. Totally different from traditional screw fixation modes,it brings great convenience for maintenance.

Not only does Dazzle series LED Display can be installed by different specifications,but also front and back module maintenance can be achieved at the same time,which brought great convenience  for module maintenance or replacement,saving more maintenance time.

Inner arc and outer arc are easily available,Dazzle Plus retains the acclaimed design一一angle lock. Only by adjusting the angle of the lock, inner arc screen, outer arc screen,or circular screen can be easily matched.

Esdlumen has been adhering to the business philosophy that "actions speak louder than words" philosophy.Based on sincere attitude and technological innovation,Esdlumen treats every order as a big project with careful production and supervision.Esdllumen is willing to join hands with all friends in the business to show the beauty of the world!